The Resurrection of Jesus: A Short Sermon on Matthew 28:1-10

**Please read the passage carefully. This short message is just a jumping board on how you can create more meaningful homiletical application of the text. No scholarly tone employed in its exegesis.


Matthew 28:1-10 presents the pivotal moment of Jesus’ resurrection, which is central to the Christian faith. This passage offers three key insights: the witness of the empty tomb, the encounter with the risen Christ, and the call to proclaim the resurrection.

1. The Witness of the Empty Tomb (Matthew 28:1-7)

Short Exegesis:
The two Marys visit the tomb early on the first day of the week. An earthquake occurs as an angel descends, rolls away the stone, and delivers the message that Jesus has risen.

Homiletical Application:
The empty tomb serves as a powerful testimony to Jesus’ resurrection, challenging us to embrace faith over doubt and hope over despair. It reminds us that nothing is impossible with God.

2. The Encounter with the Risen Christ (Matthew 28:8-9)

Short Exegesis:
The Marys leave the tomb filled with fear and great joy. Jesus meets them, offering greetings, and they respond by worshipping Him and holding onto His feet.

Homiletical Application:
Meeting the risen Christ should evoke a blend of reverence, joy, and worship, prompting believers to seek personal encounters with Jesus that can reshape hearts and renew faith.

3. The Call to Proclaim the Resurrection (Matthew 28:10)

Short Exegesis:
Jesus instructs the women to go and tell His disciples about His resurrection, assuring them that they will see Him in Galilee.

Homiletical Application:
Believers are commissioned to actively share the good news of Jesus’ victory over death, serving as messengers of hope and boldly proclaiming the transformative power of the resurrection.

Matthew 28:1-10 is an invitation to believe in the miraculous, encounter the risen Christ, and proclaim His victory over death. As believers reflect on this passage, may they be inspired to deepen their faith, seek transformative encounters with Jesus, and boldly share the hope of the resurrection with the world. Amen.

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