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In Exodus 20:1-4, we encounter the ancient commandments bestowed upon the Israelites. Rather than perceiving these rules as obligations, what if we viewed them as mirrors reflecting our true selves? Consider replacing “thou shall” and “thou shalt not” with “You are…” Suddenly, these commandments become a revelation of our core identity.

We are individuals devoted to one God, respecting boundaries, cherishing worship, and honoring the divine. They paint a picture of our innermost intentions and experiences. In this transformative journey, Christ serves as the cornerstone, shaping the very essence of the church and our lives.

How do we, then, make Christ the foundation of our worship today? One approach is through music, where we celebrate Christ as the bedrock shaping our existence. Our prayers can serve as invitations for the Spirit to illuminate our paths and support those under our care. Through these actions, we share the guiding light that directs our own way.

Acknowledging that this process of shaping and being shaped presents challenges, our mission isn’t to judge others but to exemplify the fruits of the kingdom. Through worship, we beckon the Spirit to work within us, transforming us into laborers in the vineyard. Our objective is to yield the fruits of the kingdom, fostering unity within the body of Christ and the broader community.

Remember, we aren’t on this journey alone; we are part of a vast community, bound together by our shared faith. Let us embrace the commandments as reflections of our true selves, allowing Christ to mold our lives. Together, in worship, song, and prayer, let’s invite the Spirit to guide us and cultivate the fruits of the kingdom. May we shine as a beacon, showcasing the transformative power of God’s boundless love.

By Roge Sison

An ordained clergy of The United Methodist Church.

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